Anybus Communication CANopen Master - 7318? 7306?

Hi everyone. I have an AB7318 that I’m trying to configure to handle CANopen master messaging, including Node Guarding and NMT messages. These messages require setting the RTR bit in outgoing CAN frames, but I can’t find the option to do so in the Anybus Configuration Manager.

Is the AB7318 capable of acting as a CANopen master?

Or do I need to instead purchase an AB7306?

Hello @DogSaysWoof,

The AB7318 is not intended to be an CANopen master. I have seen some customers use it for some minor CANopen message but i believe they were in more of a slave context. I would recommend using the AB7306 which is our actual CANopen master.


No, actually. The AB7318 is capable of sending messages with RTR set.

The Dynamic Produce message can have the RTR bit set within the message config field. It’s bit 5 (the 6th, because of 0 index) not bit 4 as the documentation is incorrect on this.

My tests indicate that the “Update on RTR” option for a Produce message does not set the message’s RTR bit. Using “Query/Response” also does not set the outgoing message RTR bit. The documentation on what “Update on RTR” is quite poor.

I cannot fathom why I’d be forced to build my RTR capable messages manually myself through a single message instances, but here we are.

The AB7318 can be used as a master, and I am using it as a master. It just suffers from bad documentation and senseless limitations.

DogSaysWoof, would you share with me how you got the dynamic produce to work? I am having some issues with the documentation and functionality. ModBUS for the control byte but then I am using CIP explicit messages to read the rest. I am running it from a PLC and PC. No luck on either. Hoping your solution / config might help.


Hello @jmommerency ,

What is the article number for the device you are using? Can you share additional information on what you are trying to accomplish?