Anybus Communicator AB7007-C No Link Lights

Greetings Everyone. I have an Anybus Communicator AB7007-C brand new out the box that I am having trouble connecting to via ethernet. I am connected to it directly from my computer and I cannot even establish a link light connection with it. I have tried several ethernet cables and other computers/network devices to ensure that my hardware hasn’t malfunctioned, yet I still can’t connect to it. Any help would be much appreciated. There are no current configurations downloaded to it to my knowledge.

Hello @tmarley ,
You will need to connect to the device via the serial programming port first and download a configuration. Once it has a configuration it will start the Ethernet interface.


Thank you so much for the quick response. Is there a particular cable configuration for the serial side? I current have an RS232 to USB cable that I am using. Not sure if the pinout is correct on that side to establish a connection this way.

The device should ship with a serial programming cable DB9 to rj11. The RJ11 connector is on the bottom of the device. The pinout can be found in the installation guide.


I was able to find the cable and download the configuration! Thanks again for the help.

Great! Have a good week.