Anybus communicator - Ethernet/IP issue


We have a couple of these out in the field providing an ethernet/IP interface to a serial comms controller. Whenever we lose or cycle power they are defaulting back to a different IP address. We have assigned a static address that we
need to maintain through power cycling. I’m pretty sure we have others in the field that do not have this problem.

Is there I device configuration or something that I am missing here?


Keith Herron

Tinuum Group

Engineering Mgr

Mail]( for Windows 10

Hi Keith,

Which anybus device are you using? Their article number is usually an AB followed by a 4 digit number. It’s likely that you either have the device set to DHCP or you have dip switches setting the IP address of the device.


I don’t have that info in front of me but I do know we have DHCP off. So there are dip switches on the device?


What is the IP address being set to?

So one of them is going back to, the other one was going back to a 192.168. something (don’t remember the entire thing)

I’ve tried using the HMS configuration software and it is very basic and only allows us to set our addresses and turn Off DHCP… but nothing really deeper than that.


Is there any way we could take a look at this device over TeamViewer tomorrow?