Anybus Communicator Profinet Device, Article/Order number problem (AB7013-C)

one of our client reported to us:
“The article number stored online in the Anybus converter does not match the one stored offline in the GSDML file (see photo). This leads to a fault on the Profinet network because the device displays an error.”

This problem affect only one of our client, which could got older version of Anybus Communicator.
The question is how can the article/order number of Anybus Communicator can be checked before we assemble it to our product?
I am using PROFINET Master Simulator, Anybus Communicator Manager, HMS IP config and none of them are able to read or change article/order number.

Thank you for support.

Paweł M.

Hi @Pawel_M,

The article number is printed on the sticker on the device. You shouldn’t have this problem is you are using the latest version of the Anybus Configuration Mgr and version GSDML-V2.3-HMS-ABC_PROFINET_IO-20141127.


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Thanks for fast replay @kyle_HMS

We are using GSDML-V2.3-HMS-ABC_PROFINET_IO-20141127 but Im not sure for version of Anybus Configurator Mgr which was used to program.
Suppose we have Anybus Communicator Profinet IO with older Article number “Anybus Communicator” and we program it with latest version of the Anybus Configuration Mgr and use GSDML-V2.3-HMS-ABC_PROFINET_IO-20141127 will it work or we always need to check that article number is correct on the sticker and if it isn’t then use one with the correct one “AB7013-C”?

What is the other article number that you are referring to?

Im kinda new to Profinet so I educated myself a bit more in this matter.
I guess we used some old Anybus Communicator Profinet I/O with older article number (“Anybus Communicator”) that was compatible with older GSDML (v2.0) versions and not the newest one (v2.3) that we sent to client.

Also too bad Master Profinet Symulator or ABC Mgr cannot read I&M0 data from device.

Anyway big thanks for help!

Pawel M.

I’m sorry @Pawel_M, but “Anybus Communicator” isn’t an article number, so I’m not sure what this device is. I feel like it’s probably the same device (AB7013), but there is some kind of mistake somewhere. We would need to escalate this case to find out what the problem is, and since you are in Europe, you would have to open a case at first. Please let me know if you have any issues trying to open the case.