I just bought a power supply and it comes with a Anybus EA-IF-AB-PNET1P Profinet 1 Port-Interface 35400105 :

I know that this interface was designed by AnyBus and I have some issues with it.
I don’t find any software related to it because I don’t find it on your website. I can’t set it up.

The GSDML files given on EA website don’t fit with the power supply when I import them in TIA PORTAL. I have a error message indicating me that the off-line hardware (ABCC-PRT) is not the same as the online hardware (06230702).
I don’t know how to fix this problem.

May you give me some information about this interface such as the softwares needed, the GSDML file or a link where I could find them ?

Thank you.

Hi @Lucas,

“EA-IF-AB-PNET1P Profinet 1 Port-Interface 35400105” is not an Anybus part number. These cards may have been manufactured by Anybus, but they have been programmed by the OEM of the power supply, Elektroautomatik, and will have a custom GSD which only they have access to. Any file request or support related questions should be directed to Elektroautomatik and if they end up needing our assistance they will contact us directly.

Thank you,


Hi @kyle_HMS,

Thank you for your answer, I will directly contact Elektroautomatik to get what I need.

Have a good day.


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