Anybus Ethernet/IP DLR beacon support

I am currently using the Anybus AB7318 in an Ethernet/IP DLR network that predominantly uses beacon-based DLR devices. As far as I understand the Anybus module only supports announce-based DLR. I realize that functionally announce-based DLR should work properly in a beacon-based DLR network, as they will just pass through the DLR beacons unmodified. However I would like the added functionality and error detection that the beacon provides.

Is beacon-based DLR possible with this device? Is there another Ethernet/IP to CAN converter that supports beacon-based DLR?

Also, is there any way to get port diagnostics info from these devices? I am getting this error when trying to get port diagnostics on the anybus modules. I suspect this means the attribute does not exist.


I can offer an answer on the DLR side of the equation. At this time, only Announce-based DLR is supported on this device and we do not currently have a product that supports CAN to Beacon-based DLR. We will investigate the error you are seeing.


In regards to the port diagnostics you should be able to get this with 0xF6. Here is a quick test I was able to do with the Molex tool. I am not sure if we have counter info available I will look into this and get back to you tomorrow.

Thank you!