Anybus gateway scanner status word


I have anybus scanners (profinet-ethernet-ip) but I can not understand status word
Of curse I found in documentation explanation

but I don’t get what am I seeing.
Three of five modules have status “module owned”. What is the meaning of this?

On the picture are three scanners shown with status word, the first one has extended device status bits “not running” all the time. This would make sense as this should be the status of the module, all other scanners have the bits running as it is some kind of counter.

Also, the first one has statuses that are not as per documentation. For example:

Can someone please explain as we need to display status on the HMI.


Which Anybus device do you have? What is the Article Number?

I believe this means that the device has an exclusive owner connection with the Ethernet/IP Scanner.

Which documentation? Is this Anybus documentation or another device’s documentation?

As far as I know all modules are configured identically, so I am puzzled why would they show different statuses for “module owned”. But this is not big deal at the moment as everything is working ok.

As for the documentation - here it says to look at the X-gateway user manual
[](https://Network Guide - EtherNet/IP Scanner)
“5.2.1 Status Word
The Status Word holds general status information, as described in the X-gateway user manual. When
enabled, it is mapped to the two first bytes of the input area memory buffer.
See the X-gateway user manual for further information.”

Look at 6.2.4 Details: Status Attribute to see details as shown on snip from the first post.

See page 9 of the X-Gateway User Manual for more details about the Status Word.

I saw that one also, but does not actually fit.

That would mean that some of the scanners (we have ~20 connected) are not running (because bit0 is zero), but all of them are running.

Bit 4-7 are generally running (as a counter) on almost all of the scanners.
Bit 10-13 are high on all scanners.
Bit 14-17 are low on all scanners.

So still not a good fit.

Have you reversed the order that you are looking at them from, or swapped the bytes?

Ethernet/IP is little endian and PROFINET is big endian.

If you continue having problems, I would recommend creating a case at so this can be escalated to the product team directly.

That makes sense now. Looks like I need to swap bytes. Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ll check tomorrow, but on the first look this makes sense.

OK thanks for the update - let me know!

The setup is - 4 Siemens PLCs with 5 anybus scanners connected. I’ve put error counter and cycle counter on the screen. What I have noticed, once they are all on screen, is 3 of 20 anybus scanners are not changing cycle counter as the rest (the error counter is not changing as well). The figures are changing very slowly, every few minutes.

The rest of the scanners are behaving as expected. Gateway cycle counter is changing vary fast.

Do you have an idea about why three of the bunch would be different?

I’m not sure about this. Are you sure they are configured exactly the same?

I would recommend creating a case at so you can get help from the Anybus gateway team, who might be more familiar with an issue like this.