Anybus M40 Profinet upgrade

I had problems with GSD file generation claiming no contact to module. However I got green LED, and contact through browser.

The I tried to upgrade firmware from 1.48 to 1.49. Then everything went black after reboot.

What did I do wrong, and are there any ways to recover the module? Is it bricked?

Hello @erikhoff Was this done using the HMS Profinet Generator? What model m40 were you using? Can you share a screen shot of the error?

I am doubtful that the device is hard bricked but if something happened with the update it could be corrupted. How are you connecting to the device for the firmware update? Do you have a starter kit you can use? if is is corrupted this should help recover it.

I got it un-bricked again using the starter kit. However my problem getting this error with the GSD generator still persists: image

Hi @erikhoff,
The GSD generator tool relies on non-PROFINET communication for it to work; specifically, it collects ADI metadata via the webserver’s JSON interfaces.

In your host application’s abcc_obj_cfg.h make sure that you have not explicitly disabled the webserver functionality.

  • If this is the case you would have set:

In this case, simply switch ETN_IA_ENABLE_WEB_VALUE to TRUE. Any other permutations of the above would result in the Ethernet Host Object’s “Enable Web Server” attribute being set to TRUE (Enabled) which is the default state of this attribute per the ABCC Profinet Network Guide (and SW design guide).

You mentioned that you are able to access the device via browser (I am not sure if that means you are accessing the ABCC’s built-in webserver or not), so maybe the above information is not applicable. However, it is worth noting that this tool will not work for the “Transparent Ethernet” (TE) Profinet modules when the Transparent Ethernet RMII interface is enabled (via Anybus Object attribute 16 as defined in the SW design guide). This is because when this feature is enabled, the IT services of the ABCC are disabled, which includes the webserver. So if you are using a TE module, be sure this feature is disabled when attempting to use the GSD generator tool.


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Now working! I had an old version of GSD generator. The newer one gave better error message, pointed me in the direction of no ADI’s mapped to process data. The error was me erroneously specifying 1-byte answer (which should be 2 bytes) to object 0xFE, object 0, attribute 3 = number of instances. This is a pure FPGA-implementation of the host.

Glad to hear it is working! Thanks for the help @jonc_hms