AnyBus Modbus to Ethernet Communicator questions


We Purchase an AnyBus Modbus to Ethernet communicator and I have a few questions.

1 is the configuration help in a nonvolatile memory, the reason I ask is I set an Ethernet address on it and when I powered it down it lost it.

2 I’m using it to talk to a Rosemount 8750 Modbus transmitter, in the configuration on the AnyBus it Has Modbus RTU, Modbus Plus, and Modbus TCPIP. I believe I need Modbus RTU but not sure.

3 Lastly, can I retrieve the data from a Scada system ( the system I am using is WonderWare Historian) or does it have to go to a PLC (the one I am using now is a L55 firmware ver. 10).