Anybus,Profibus-master,profibus Slave

Can I connect My own Serial-USB cable, not the original one to the gateway anybus
because it’s getting connected but I can’t upload configration from the device, error timeout given.
Is the original cable must connected which came with the device?
another question
from the slave side Offline Led Is Red
What are the possible Errors, what the Cases that give me this Offline red?

Yes, this is a standard USB cable on the PROFIBUS Master. I would suggest this workaround for the timeout error:

How to fix the Timeout error with Anybus X-Gateway Configuration Manager.

This indicates that the PROFIBUS slave is offline with the PROFIBUS network. You should check the error from the PROFIBUS Master software (for example, STEP7) on that network. Have you imported the GSD file and added the slave to the network yet? Are the baud rate and node address correct?

For more info, see documentation here:

everything is ok in my network, it worked for the past 5 years and then suddenly showed this offline led.
what do you recommend could the issue be in the Profibus Cables, or the Gateway lost the configuration during sudden power loss?

There really isn’t much of a configuration for the slave side, just the IO sizes, control/status word, etc.:


You can upload and check if the sizes are correct. Yes, I would recommend checking the wiring and termination resistors, but also check with the master’s configuration software to see if there is an error reported.

You may also want to look into our Profibus diagnostic products like the ProfiTrace: ProfiTrace 2 + ProfiCore Ultra - Procentec