Anybus Profibus NP40 porting ot MSP432

I’m porting an Anybus NP40 module on a MSP432.

I’m using the project from the starter kit, the one that is already done for some targets.
I successfully ported the HMS driver on my CPU, I use SPI to communicate to the module.

I compiled the first example, the one defined with APPL_ADI_SETUP_SPEED_EXAMPLE
At first I wasn’t able to communicate from the master to the slave, then I realized I had to set slave address and baud rate using


Into the APPL_HandleAbcc( void ) function, just after the following section:

if( ABCC_StartDriver( lStartupTimeMs ) == ABCC_EC_NO_ERROR )

I also defined to true the DPV1_OBJ_ENABLE symbol.

Now I’m able to communicate (master sees the slave) but my master tells me that slave is wrong parametrized. I have just defined two words one for input and one for output as should be with the “speed example”.

What should I do to fix the problem in your opinion?
Thank you.

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