Anybus Software not Opening

Hi there-

I am having issues opening the HMS IPConfig application. Everytime i open the app- The application crashes and will not open.

Any advice?

I have uninstalled any new drivers and software with no luck.

Hello KH12,

It could be an issue with the AV software preventing it from opening. We do have an older version in the post below:

Hi Kevin-

I was able to open the software. However, Now i am not able to see the device?

Hello KH12,

Are you directly connected to the unit?

Also you will need the Anybus transport provider installed as well.

Hello KH12,

What is the Anybus Article number of the unit you are trying to connect to?


Where would i find this?

Yes I am connected directly to the device. I installed the software and am still not able to see.


The article number of the unit should be found on the device itself. I will need to know what device type you have in order to find the correct solution.

Article # is-


The device is Anybus Wireless Bolt Ethernet RJ45 POE


You don’t need the IPconfig software.

If you review section 4 of the AWB2030, there is a webpage you need to log into to configure the device.