Anybus Wireless 2 dropping out

We have two anybus wireless 2 clients running wifi connected to an anybus wireless 2 access point. They are all running the latest firmware and I have switched between 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz and have tried many different channels. They always seen to drop out every few hours. There are times when they drop out where I can still access the Anybus module through the web interface but I am unable to connect the the PLC through the access point. When this occurs, the only way to resolve this is to reboot or power cycle the anybus module.
Any suggestions?

Hi @johnfarrugia,

Just to be clear, you have 4 Anybus Wireless Bridge II devices or do you have a different type of Anybus access point?

What is the distance between the devices?

Are there any obstacles or possible sources of RF interference?

Make sure that the devices have firmware 2.06.03 installed and then try capturing some logs when this is happening.

To capture logs use the AT Commands below:

  • Choose which events to log:

    • All WLAN Events, Bit 0, 1, 3 and 4 = 0001 1011 binary = 27 decimal
    • ATS1013=27
    • What event levels to log 2=Warnings and Errors
    • ATS1016=2
  • Optionally change interval of RSSI reporting, example every 10 seconds (10000ms)

    • ATS3007=10000
  • Add Status Information every 10 seconds (use 0 to disable)

    • ATS1018=10
  • Reboot the AWB:

  • To see the most resent Event (still in RAM memory)

     • AT*AMLOG?
  • To see all logged events (also writes content from RAM to Flash)

    • point browser to
  • To clear the log

    • Clear events in RAM
      	• AT*AMLOG=0
    • Clear events in flash (…/cgi/log.csv)
      	• AT*AMLOG=1
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we have 3 anybus brdge 2. 2 are running in client mode and one running in access point mode.

each client has a beckhoff plc connected to the wlan port and the access point has a beckhoff plc connected to the wlan port. all three plcs read and write data to each other.

they are all at the newest firmware level. They were at an old firmware version when this problem initially started. I just upgraded to the newest version and the problem dis not change. it is still present.

i have switched between 2.4 a 5 Ghz and changed channels but the problem still persists. i will try to capture a log.

Thank you for that info. It is unusual that they’d be dropping out like this. Is there any consistency to the timing of the drop outs or does it appear random?

Are they stationary? What is the distance between them?

Are there any obstacles or possible sources of RF interference?

Please send the logs when possible and we’ll review them. Thanks!

what is your email address? I send you the logs

You can either attach them here (we can make sure they aren’t shown publicly) or create a case in our ticketing system at and attach them to the case.

103log.txt (799.3 KB)
104log.txt (795.6 KB)
103log.txt (799.3 KB)
Here are the three log files for the modules. Let me know if you see anything

Hi John,

We need a case in our ticketing system so that I can escalate this to the Anybus Wireless engineering team. Can you create a case at please?