Anybus Wireless Bolt IoT

We have a user trying to utilize the Wireless Bolt IoT over the standard RJ45 Bolt to take advantage of the higher throughput. They have a process that has a lot of overhead data, and it’s causing delays on the standard. They use these in AP mode, but I cannot find in any documentation about if the IoT has an AP mode. Everything I’ve done thus far does not show one, but I just want to be thorough in asking the question.

Thanks for any help!

Hi @RyanW,

It sounds like they are using the wrong device in this case. The Bolt IIoT is for connecting devices via ethernet to the internet over a low power, higher latency/low throughput low-cost IoT network. If the throughput is not sufficient, they should be using the 4G LTE Bolt. If they are trying to connect wireless devices (WiFi or Bluetooth) to an ethernet network, they should be using the original Bolt RJ45 PoE.