Anybus with Managed Switch (Stratix 5700)


I have connection issues with Anybus Wireless Bolt, where WiFi network disappearing and I’m loosing connection to the network. Once this happens I need to restart Bolt by pulling fuse out. This happens at least once a day. We are using Bolt with Allen-Bradley Stratix 5700 (1783-BMS10CGP), where we configured port as “Wireless for Automation” following Rockwell recommendations.
Please let me know if there are any additional steps to establish reliable communication with managed switch.

Firmware Version of Bolt: 2.03.02

Thank you,

Hello @Kirill,

Are you still able to reach the bolt via the Wired LAN side? This sounds like an issue the developers have been working on and have a pending release for. We expect it to be released in the next few weeks.


Hi @deryck_hms,

Yes, I still can connect to bolt via Lan Side

Hi Kirill,

I will plan on following up here once i hear we have an official firmware release regarding this.