Anybus X Gateway AB7649-F

I am currently working with an AB7649-F and having issues with connecting to the module in studio 5000. I have set the IP address, upload EDS files, and created a new module in studio 5000 V32.12. When I am online with the plc the module will fault to 16#0204 - connection error. I can see the module in RS links with no error code associated with it. Do you have any idea what could be going on? It seems like rs link sees it but studio 5000 does not. I am able to ping every thing I need to.

Are there any other details about the error under the ‘Connection’ tab in Studio?

Did you set the IO Sizes using Anybus Configuration Manager for the Gateway? Do they match with the Studio project?

It is currently set to 20 outputs and 20 inputs. I am checking now how many we have in the plc code.

I have set the IO sizes to the correct amount and still have the same issue

We really need to know what the error in the PLC is, you can find it in the Connection tab under “Module Fault” when the PLC is online.

16#0204 - Connection request timed out

I can see the module in RS links with no errors. But the module in studio 5000 has the 16#0204 fault code.

How are the PLC and Anybus connected? Is there a switch in between? Are they on the same subnet?

Are you using Unicast or Multicast?

I am using Unicast. Yes we are using a managed switch that has all ports set to the same VLAN. I just went from anybus directly to plc and was able to get error removed. Do you have thoughts on why the switch would be stopping communication?

We would need to see a packet capture to find out exactly why the switch is preventing the connection. It is certainly unusual.

It appears to be a networking problem, but here are some thoughts:

  1. Is there a default gateway set in the PLC and the Anybus for the network (if the traffic is routed, there needs to be a gateway)?
  2. Is the firmware on the Ethernet card up to date?
  3. Have you tried increasing the RPI?
  4. Unlikely, but possible to be an encapsulation inactivity timeout: AB7072-B Communications to Stratix Switch - #22 by kyle_HMS
  1. Yes I have both PLC and Anybus have gateway set
  2. We are running studio version 32.12. Using safety PLC 1756-L83ES
  3. I increase RPI to 2000 and still same issue
  4. Would like to avoid this if possible

Can you take a packet capture? At this point it sounds like the gateway is functioning properly and you will have to determine what the switch is doing to prevent the connection.

Are you able to tell me what firmware is compatible with the gateway?

Anybus firmware or Rockwell firmware?

Rockwell, probably not. I’m not familiar with all of their devices and firmware.

If you mean Anybus, Do you have the serial number of the Anybus device?

I was able to solve my issue. It was a PLC IO tree issue. But I do have another question for you. I have an Allen Bradley PLC and a siemens PLC connected to the anybus. I have set the ip of anybus gateway and configured the upper and lower in the config tool. Is there anything else I am missing need to configure the anybus for communication?

No, you configure the Ethernet/IP network in RSLogix / Studio 5000 and you configure the PROFINET network in STEP7 or TIA Portal.

Here are instructions for the PROFINET network:

How To Configure Anybus PROFINET IO Slave Module With Siemens Step7 PLC

Anybus X-gateway PROFINET with Siemens S7-1500 PLC & TIA Portal