Anybus X-Gateway - AB7808-F

Does this device require two configurations - one for Profibus and one for Modbus?

Hi @Usha,

The only configuration for the Modbus RTU side is the serial settings (set with dip switches) and the IO sizes (configured in Anybus Configuration Manager X-gateway). Most of the configuration is for the PROFIBUS network with the NetTool software.

You can find all of the software and documentation here: Anybus AB7808

Thanks, I am unable to download the configuration of Profibus Master(Upper) and Modbus RTU Slave (Lower) both using the Anybus Configuration Manager -x-gateway and HyperTerminal as suggested in other posts, unable to upload screenshots.

Both tools throw timeout errors

Hi @Usha,

Please see: How to fix the Timeout error with Anybus X-Gateway Configuration Manager.