Anybus x-gateway AB7843-B


Dear Sir,
i am trying to configure an ANYBUS X-GATEWAY (AB7843-B) and the problem is:
1- the connection (PC-ANYBUS) done but i am not able to upload the GSD file (communication time out)
2- after searching the problems i found the Hyperterminal protocol but also when i click on send or recieve files after a few seconds the same msg appears (communication time out )



Just making sure, have you already followed the steps below?



Dear Mr.Tim,
Thank you for your help but,
For the steps and as you know, the anybus we have is an old version,
and we do not have the right manual guide (not available online).
i will be very thankful if you can send me a link where i can download
the manual of the anybus AB7843-B the way to be able to follow those
steps, or some details for the steps(step1, step6, and the
communication time out cause), note that this is the first time we
work on this kind of communication protocol.
Thank you and kind regards,

عدم التعرض للفيروسات



Hi Michelis,

You should be able to find the manual here:


No because the steps 1,5and 6 are not clear for us.

What is the node address for this device?

The connection is not complished due to a msg(communication time out)

Those are the problems we have on site.

Thank you



The node address can be set on the device here. I’d start with this part, and power cycle the device after you set the address and see if you’re still getting the communication timeout



You mean i have to try all the numbers to see if the communication will work ??


The Anybus Node address is something that you can choose and is set using those dials on the top of it. Once you choose the node address you should be able to go through onto the next step in the configuration manager


Thank you Mr Trim for your heelp I’ll do all the steps and come back to you in few days

Thank you


Dear Tim,

Hope this email finds you well,

After following your procedure to download the configuration for the anybus x-gateway we talked about, I always facing the same problem (communication timed out) even when i tried the hyper terminal communication way.

We will be very thankful if you can help to solve this problem

Note: i don’t have the communication cable of the module, i am working on a USB/serial232 from the lebanese shops.

Thank you,



I just realized the timezone difference we have. Would it be possible for me to try and talk to you tomorrow at 330PM your time?

Can you download teamviewer from the link below and we can take a closer look at this?


Dear Mr. Tim,

I am very sorry for the late reply, i am not in Lebanon, i will be very thankful if we can postpone the date to the next Monday.

Thank you,



I’ll be out on vacation next week but I’ll leave a note and send it to my colleagues


Hello Michelis,

Sorry for the delay I am just seeing this case. Here is the manual for the legacy gateway you have. ABX_PDPS_1_04_SCM-1200-126.pdf (512.7 KB)

This readme includes the instructions for connecting though hyper termianl. You should be able to follow this to log connect to the device and set the IO sizes

Readme.pdf (297.7 KB)

I was also able to find some old GSD files that should be compatible with the device please read the README to ensure you use the correct one.
PROFIBUS Slave GSD-files - Configuration_File__Legacy_X-gateway_Classic(ABxxxx-B-C).zip (3.3 KB)