Anybus X-gateway (CANopen-Ethernet/IP Adapter

I have installed a network with Anybus X-gateway with serial #A0304918 under configuration by 4 Servomotors what they suppose to be give feedback position but they don’t give position it happened in all.

Hi Christopher,

What have you done so far with the configuration? I see that 4 Nodes were found. Have the EDS files been added for the Nodes and have you created a PDO Mapping? If you hover over the anybus what is the error it is showing?

We also have a setup video for the CANopen Master on the documents page for the device.

Hello Zach

We replaced the CANopen Master and we follow your steps in the link, cause this is the problem we dont have any error in the LED indicator everything looks totally normal but we dont have feedback from the servos or nodes what they should be say which its the postion where they are.
Now we are trying to put our old config in the device but it appear this error.


Like Zach said, the first thing you need to do is go to ‘Tools > EDS Repository’ and add the EDS files for your CANopen devices.

Is the Anybus going to be the CANopen master?

Please share the config file (.hcg) you have and the EDS files for your CANopen nodes.

Hi kyle and thanks again for answered me and appreciate too much your help.
I have these two files one it looks like it doesn’t have the right configuration in there and the another has ready just I want know why it a happened that, i tried to upload from the device but it didnt give me as Atl18.hcg file i dont know if its something with my sofware , also I m crashing trying to config the nodes in Atl 18.hcg have another manual how to do

I can open the files and see the nodes. I think you just need to add the EDS files for the motors into the EDS file repository.


Please check with OEM for correct version of EDS file.

PS. Why did you send me the EDS file for the Anybus?