Anybus X-gateway – PROFIBUS Slave – EtherNet/IP Adapter (Part#: AB7832)

I have an Anybus X-gateway – PROFIBUS Slave – EtherNet/IP Adapter (Part#: AB7832) . I actually wanted to connect X-gateway from a Siemens 317-2 PN/DP Controller to Schneider BMX P34 2020 Controller.
On Schneider controller side we don’t have any Ethernet/IP module available. Planning to connect Anybus x-gateway with Schneider controller embedded ethernet port on the M340 processor which I think is a Ethernet TCPIP.
So what will be a best solution for this.Please help on this

Hello Arun,

I believe we discussed this inquiry in our support portal yesterday.

You will need to verify that the PLC supports Modbus TCP. The gateway supports both modbus TCP and Ethernet/IP protocols.

Hi Deryck,

Thanks for your reply
Yes I think Schneider M340 embedded port support Modbus TCP.
Attached screenshot .

I have one more Question .
Which option I need to select as Network type in Anybus Configuration builder.
is it Ethernet/IP + Modbus-TCP+WEB Slave + IT 2-port
or Ethernet/IP + Modbus-TCP+WEB Slave 1-port

Thanks in advance

The AB7832 should have two ports.