Anybus X-gateway

Hy, I am using an Anybus X-gateway Profinet I/O(upper) - EtherCAT slave (lower) in my project and I have a problem.
The setup is the following: I have a confocal sensor and its controller from Micro - Epsilon and it works on EtherCAT. I connected the controller (that is the master in my EtherCAT network) to the Anybus X-gateway (that is my slave in the EtherCAT network).
The problem is that there is no data transfer between the two.
The controller and the gateway both are in Init state. (The Run led on the gateway is always off, and the Status led on the controller is always off)
They should be in Operational State. How can I get there?
Also I can not change the operation mode from the configuration manager. (see the picture)
I will post the configuration below.
I would appreciate any help regarding this problem.
Thank you,

Can you go to online > select connection > and verify that it’s connected to your anybus device?

then hit connect and try to select the operation mode again?

Yes I can. See the picture below.

Could you send us your configuration and we can try to take a look at what might be different?

What kind of configuration are you referring to?
I posted the configuration of the Anybus device in the first post.

Is it possible that the problem exists because the online and offline configuration of the EtherCAT network in the master is different?
Do I have to make an offline “hardware config” or “topology” with the XML files of the master and slave device and upload it into the master?


Sorry about that, I think I misunderstood this setup. I originally was thinking there was a master in this device. After talking to my colleague it looks like this device is two slave networks, so that run mode option is not something available.

We do have some application notes available on this page that goes over some examples of setting up this device.