AnybusNetBridge AB9077-C

Hi! I am trying to configurate an hms AnybusNetBridge AB9077-C Profinet module în the Profinet network with an s7 im151-8 pn/dp cpu. After i setup the ip but i don’t get to asign a name neither in step7 neither in Tia Portal.
It seem like the module is not accesibile în the Profinet network for comunication. With plc câble conected LA2 is not blinking (only the LA1 with the IT application connected), also anybusnetbridge dosnt respond to ping to his profinet ip.

Any help would be appreciated!

The following application note explains how to add the AB9077 to your TIA Portal project:

There is also documentation and videos on the Product Downloads Page.

If you continue to have problems, I would recommend opening a case at for more help.