Anybys-X Gateway

I bought two X-Gateway Ethernet IP to Profinet IO Slave.

I have several Eaton C440 (Starters) and one Benshaw (Soft Start) on Ethernet IP and Siemens PLC S7-1516F.

I have attached the ABB Ethernet IO Configuration and Siemens Tia Portal Profinet IO Slave and Anybus Configuration Manager to configure upper and lower Inputs and Outputs mapping.

My first question can add in the Siemens Tia Portal Inputs and outputs Mapping each Eaton Starter and Benshaw Soft Start or only one Inputs and Outputs Mapping.

My second question How I could differentiate each Eaton Starter and Benshaw Soft Start.

Let me know and Thank for your help.

Best Regards.

Hi @EricLepine,

Is this the Ethernet/IP Scanner, AB7670, and you are trying to communicate with Ethernet/IP Adapters (slaves)?

If so, you will set up your Eth/IP scan list in the web interface:

The data exchanged with the Ethernet/IP adapters will be mapped to the Anybus memory, where you can then read/write with your Siemens PLC. You would differentiate the Ethernet/IP adapters by where the data is mapped.


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