Application question: X-Gateway or Linking Device

I have an application which requires an A-B CompactLogix PLC and some Profibus PA instrumentation. In the past I’ve used an CompactLogix 1769 in-rack solution (Prosoft ILX69-PBM) to communicate through a DP/PA coupler to the field instruments. I’m looking to switch to the 5069 series of CompactLogix processor which does not have an in-rack solution for Profibus. What Anybus device would work best for the application? Should I be looking at the AB7800 X-Gateway, the HMS-EN2PB-R Linking Device, or something else?

Hello Seth,

Both devices are Profibus DP Master you will need to verify if this will work with your devices or though a coupler. I recommend reaching out to your local distributor or our sales team for details.
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