Are there any limits on how much data can be temporarily stored in the DataMailbox at any given time, aside from data older than 10 days being automatically purged?

I’ve been reading through the DataMailbox API documentation and the Flexy user guide, and I seem to recall reading that, in addition to any data older than 10 days being automatically purged from the mailbox, and in addition to the limit that no more than 5 million datapoints can be sent into the mailbox in any given month on a free account, there was an additional limit that no more than 100,000 datapoints can be stored in the mailbox at any given time. I’ve tried to double check this by searching through the documentation, but I can’t find anything about it. So, are there any limitations on how much data can be buffered in the mailbox at any given time, aside from the 5 million datapoints / month limit, and the 10-days-or-newer limit? Any help with this would be appreciated.

I’m trying to figure out how much data I can record, and whether it scales up with the number of Ewon gateways I have. Unfortunately, the documentation is a little unclear. and at some points it implies that the limit is per-gateway, but elsewhere it says that it’s per-account.
For example, the documentation for the DMWeb API for DataMailbox says this:

4.4 Quota
There is a data quota when using the DataMailbox.
Depending on the type of your Talk2M account, the maximum number of records that an Ewon
gateway can send per month to the DataMailbox is as follows:
• For Talk2M Free+ account: 5 millions datapoints.
• For Talk2M PRO account: 10 millions datapoints.
If a Talk2M account exceeds this limit, it will be capped. An Ewon gateway that belongs to a
capped Talk2M account will no longer be able to send its records to the DataMailbox. (emphasis mine)

It says that there is a maximum number of records that an Ewon gateway can send each month - meaning that each gateway can send 5 million datapoints into the mailbox - but then it says immediately after that the entire account will be capped if the limit is exceeded, which implies that the 5/10 million datapoint limit is actually shared between all the gateways, so I don’t know which interpretation is correct.

To put my question another way: if I have a free account, and I have three Flexy gateways each set up in different machines, will I be able to record 15 million datapoints each month (5 million from each gateway/machine), or will I only be able to record a grand total of 5 million datapoints each month?

Hi @BwmMuise,

The total number of data points is per account.

This would be 5 million data points.

According to the T2M team, there is no other limit to the buffer besides the 5/10 mil per month and the 10 day limit.

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Thank you for the information! As a follow-up question, then, a Pro account would increase the limit to 10 million datapoints per month. Is there any other way to increase the total number of datapoints we can record beyond that? I assume we could just create additional accounts, but if we do that, would we still be able to manage/view the status of all the gateways at once/collect data as we would with a single account? For context, we’re a water treatment company, and currently evaluating the possibility of replacing the modbus gateways in several hundred (and counting) remote water treatment machines with Flexy gateways, and we are bound by legal requirements to collect a certain amount of data, so scalability is very important to us.

Yes, you can increase the limit. If you are on T2M Pro, the 10 million data point cap is really a “soft cap”. You get account credits when you purchase the yearly subscription and if you go over, for example, by 1M data points, you will be charged 5 credits (about $4.62).

Also, if you anticipate needing additional users or data points up front, you can purchase additional subscriptions. They are credited to the same account, so you don’t need to have a second account.

Here is the breakdown:

Talk2M Pro Breakdown.pdf (180.9 KB)

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