Argos Api returns empty array for historical alarms

Using the example in the Argos Api documentation, and after correcting the typo in said example, no historical values are returned from the endpoint. Status code returns 200 so endpoint is being hit and alarms are showing in the history table ( tab). Am I missing something?

Solved - API documentation is incorrect.

Hello @parko65,

Thanks for following up. Can you share what call you were using and what was incorrect about so we can update the documentation?


In the documentation the example GET request for getting list of alarms in the alarm history reads: (response is 404)

Should be: (Response is Empty Array)

In my case if at least a startdate parameter is not included in the request the response is empty.

Thanks! It looks like the URL at the top is correct but you are right the actual example is incorrect. Ill forward this along to have it updated.