AWB2000 Replacement Question

We currently are using the AWB2000 but it seems to now have been discontinued. Our supplier has said that the AWB2030 is it’s replacement. However, the technical specifications list that the AWB2030 requires an input voltage of 19-36V. The AWB2000 required an input voltage of 9-30V. The devices that we use Bolts on operate in a lower voltage range (around 14V to 21V). Can you shed any light on this or if it’s a mistake in the technical documents?


Hi @ckracht ,

We still offer the AWB2000, it might be something your distributor doesn’t offer. The AWB2030 is more typical for ethernet only connection. We also offer an AWB2010 with added serial capabilities but the same 9-30 power range.

I believe the bolts with RJ45 connectors have a different internal supply to support POE. Which is the reason for the voltage range difference.


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Appreciate the information. It seems that the AWB2010 is not a direct replacement for us as it says the following in the User Manual:

The Ethernet interface is intended for configuration purposes only. Bolt Serial is not designed for
permanent Ethernet communication.

I have been discussing this with our sales team and they have further confirmed it is still offered but it was removed from the general price list since the awb2030 is genreally better suited with the exception of the power rating. Sales would like to get in touch with you and your distributor to make sure you are able to order one. Can you share contact info that I can forward along to them?


Thanks Deryck. I believe we may have gotten this sorted with our vendor. We just received an order for them today. I will reach out in the future if we have issues again. Appreciate the assistance.

excellent glad to hear it worked out.

@deryck_hms ,

Would we be able to have someone reach out to us about ordering some AWB2000 Bolts? We ran into some issues again with our vendor where they sent us the AWB2030 instead.

We are having vendor issues again with purchasing AWB2000’s. Would it be possible for someone to reach out to our purchaser for ordering a few, along with their cables?

Her name is Rachel, and she can be reached at: [moved to staff note]

She might be delayed in response currently, but should be back in full swing on Monday.


Hello @ckracht,

Please have Rachel reach out to the sales team at

Thank you! She will be reaching soon!