AWB2030 Wireless Bolt Devices communications drop out


I am working with a client that uses 2 AWB2030 Wireless Bolt Devices. They are currently communicating via WiFi over a distance of around 15 ft to 200 ft. Essentially we have 1 bolt mounted along the wall in the middle of the room, and the other is on a cart system that comes within 15 ft and gets as far away as 200 ft. According to our client they will have communication drop outs a few times every month. They had them earlier this September and for 2 hours last Friday the 21st. Essentially we have an alarm in the PLC that stays active if the data being communicated between the bolts does not finish in 5 seconds. We are currently sending 2 arrays of data between a L72 controller and a PLC 5 controller. The first array of data is 20 elements or words of length with a DINT data type. The second array of data is 10 elements or words of length that is the REAL data type. I do not think we are sending too much data so that may not be the issue. The wireless bolts are also in an environment of dust and limestone in the air, so the air is pretty heavy and chalky like. We believe that the data amount being sent is acceptable, we believe the distance between the 2 bolts is acceptable, we are not sure what the issue can be unless it is something the plant is doing and causing like a ip address conflict on the wireless bolts.

We appreciate any and all help. Thanks.

Hello @TSchott,

Do you know what firmware they are using on the device we recently released Service pack 3 that had many fixes for stability of the device. If they have not already updated I recommend this.


Hello Deryck,

We installed the equipment in and around May/June of this year and our last trip out there was in the beginning of August, but I do not believe we were aware of this firmware update. I currently do not know what firmware it is being run on. Since the firmware update may resolve the issue, do you know where I can access the Service Pack 3 update?

Then I will have to get back to you to see if that solves the issue.



The Firmware is available right on the files and documents page for the device.

As suggested over where you first posted if the stability issue if due to the WiFi channel in the area it might help to pick a different dedicated channel.


Thank you for the location of the files. As for the different Wifi Channel. How do I go about dedicating a different channel than the one it is already on? Can that be done in the wireless bolt web configuration or is that done some other way? Is it as simple as changing the IP address or is it more complex?

Yes changing the channel is about as easy as changing the IP address. You will need to connect to the Bolt acting as the Access point. Then from the WLAN settings you can chose the channel.

This post a colleague did about picking wifi channels may help. Bridge and Bolt communication issues at 50 ft

@deryck_hms, thank you for that information from your colleague. That sounds pretty straight forward. When you change the WLAN settings in the Bolt that is the access point, do you then have to change any settings in the other bolt?

No, the client devices will connect to the ssid at what ever channel is available. The only exception would be if you set them to 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz only and you set the AP to use the opposite.


All really good info. Once I can get onsite and test these updates, and the firmware will let you know what happens and if the bolt is working correctly. Thanks again.

Hello @TSchott,

Just want to check in and see if you were able to get your issues with the Bolts resolved.


Hey @deryck_hms,

So the client has 2 bolts. 1 is the access point and 1 is the client. They decided to update the firmware on the 2 bolts from 1.3.9 and 1.3.12 respectively. They upgraded to the latest which i believe is 1.6.3. They did this update over a week ago and have not had any issues yet. It sounds like it is working well. I did try a testing station to test the AT Commands, but I could not figure out how to create a open socket in the PLC program to send data to the wireless bolt. That configuration was never determined. Hope that answers your question


@deryck_hms, our client is having trouble still with the Bolt even at version 1.6.3. Is there any way you could provide the 1.3.3 version for the " Anybus Wireless Bolt - Ethernet RJ45 PoE". I cannot find it anywhere on the Anybus website.


Will let you know how it works out.

@deryck_hms, also do you have the versions for this bolt. Our client wants 1.3.3., 1.3.9, and 1.3.12 to try each of them out.