B40: behavior after auto-negotiation failure

I have inherited a project using the Anybus B40 module and have been asked about the default speed, duplex, and MDI/MDIX settings for the ports on the module. After reviewing the relevant documentation, I am still unsure about what the behavior is.

By default, the speed/duplex settings are set to “auto-negotiate” which is what we would like it to be set to, but what are the values used if auto-negotiation fails? In the Network Guide - EtherNet/IP, there is a section describing link auto-negotiation status which contains the following flag description “Auto-negotiation and speed detection failed (using default values) (Recommended default values are 10 Mbps, half duplex).” However, I cannot find where the default values can be set, and I cannot find any such values in the driver or application code.

As an extension of the previous question, it seems that the MDI/MDIX settings are also set to “auto” by default. What is the fallback value if auto-MDIX fails?

If I happened to miss the answer to these questions in the documentation, please point me in the right direction. Thanks!