B40 EtherCAT FoE Firmware Upgrade

I have been using B40 EtherCAT module over SPI bus and currently implementing Firmware Upgrade over EtherCAT interface. Currently my host processor receives packets of maximum 255 bytes size. how to increase >256 bytes to transferred in single transaction between B40 and host processor.

In SDK I had already configured #define ABP_MAX_MSG_DATA_BYTES 1524 in abp.h file, so is there any other configuration I am missing?

Hello Shiva,

Are your using EOE with FTP or is the FOE? One though is that this could be a limit set in place by the master limiting the transfer rate. This exists for EOE but I am not certain about FOE.

Another possibility would be the SPI fragment size. This could be limiting the about of data.

Lastly are you using your own implementation for the File System Interface? I would not recommend using our implementation it lacks some key features.

Hello deryck,

It is just FOE. I have not changed default configuration of ABCC_CFG_SPI_MSG_FRAG_LEN and it is set to 16 in SDK.

As I am able to see it is transferring about 255 bytes, there might be some other configuration which is causing the issue.

Firmware version of module is 2.23.1

Are you using the Anybus Filesystem or the Application file system ?

Is this your implementation or are you using parts of ours?

Hello deryck,

Thanks for your support I got it working, Few more #defines are supposed to be configured to get higher through put.


Hi @Shiva ,

Thanks for a follow up will try to take note that these are missing.