B40 Failing LLDP Management Test for EIP Conformance

I am using the B40 module configured for Ethernet/IP. I am running the device against the ODVA CIP Protocol Conformance Test Suite CT18. According to ODVA’s website, Ethernet/IP certification requires testing of the LLDP Management Object (265). When running the tests, I get failures during the Error test.

The failures occur when writing (set attribute single) to LLDP Management Object instance 1 attribute 2 (msgTxInterval). The tests attempt to write 1, 2, 3, and 4 to that attribute. The write succeeds, but the test expects a failure response and returns an “Unexpected success response” message.

These failures are confusing to me because the tested values seem to be in line with the allowed values described Network Guide - Ethernet/IP. According to that document, msgTxInterval accepts values from 1-3600, so I would not expect 1-4 to fail.

I have attempted editing the Value Limits of the attribute and Parameters of the Set Attribute Single service within the STC Editor the test suite provides, but I have not been able to get rid of these errors.

Hi @christian.powell ,

I would recommend running the CT19.1 test I recall there being some differences and issues with the CT18 test. You will also need to be using the most recent 1.58 EIP firmware release This included fixes specifically for LLDP and CT19.1.

I was able to get a hold of CT20 for testing. The errors I described in the post above no longer appear, but I am receiving new errors.

In the LLDP Management Object test, I get multiple of this warning:
“Warning: The DUT supports the Deprecated CIP Identification TLV. Support of new CIP Identification TLV is required from November 2024.” It seems this warning can be ignored at least for now. We will be testing for conformance before November 2024.

In the LLDP Data Table Object test, I receive the following errors:
167 0> *** LLDP Enable attribute port 3 is disabled. This error can be waived if this port corresponds to non-existent Ethernet Link instance or instance not support LLDP.
7576 1> *** On set of Global Enable(Bit 0) from 1 to 0, not all existing table entries are removed.
7663 2> *** Expected Number of Instances is 1 but found 8.
7742 3> *** Expected Number of Instances is 2 but found 8.
7821 4> *** Expected Number of Instances is 3 but found 8.
7900 5> *** Expected Number of Instances is 4 but found 8.
7979 6> *** Expected Number of Instances is 5 but found 8.
8058 7> *** Expected Number of Instances is 6 but found 8.
8137 8> *** Expected Number of Instances is 7 but found 8.

I believe Error 0 can be ignored. Port 3 is internal and according to HMS documentation should have LLDP disabled.

Errors 2-8 appear to be the result of Error 1. The tests seem to assume that the DUT will clear the data table instances when the global enable bit is cleared but the B40 is not doing so, resulting in 8 instances continuing to exist. What can I do to resolve these errors? I am able to provide a test log and wireshark capture if it would help.

Hello Christian,

I have not run any tests with the latest CT20 test. What EIP firmware are you using?

We are using EIP version 1.56.1.

Hi Christian,

This error is fixed in the latest 1.58 firmware release. Please open a support case on support.hms-networks.com and request the latest firmware. Include your serial number in the support case to help verify the device.

I got version 1.58 from HMS Support and the tests now pass. Thank you for your help!

Great! Glad to hear you are passing with CT20. If you have any other issues let me know, you can open a new thread on our new community forum .