B40 RPC nca_unk_if error with PROFINET master simulator

I’m working with B40 with parallel 8 bit. If I launch the appl_adimap_speed_example the module go in ABP_ANB_STATE_WAIT_PROCESS but when I try to connect the PROFINET master simulator it returns an “RPC nca_unk_if error”
Anyone ca help me?

I am not sure i recognize this error. Can you provide a screenshot for me to look at?


I found the problem: PRT_IA_DEVICE_ID_VALUE and PRT_IA_VENDOR_ID_VALUE must be configured as in GSD file. Default values 0xffff must be replaced with PRT_IA_DEVICE_ID_VALUE = 0x0010 and PRT_IA_VENDOR_ID_VALUE = 0x010C.
Thank you for your time.

Glad to hear it is working! I think the language change was giving me issues understanding the error message.