Bad quality data

Pulling some data from the Mailbox and will sometimes get this “bad quality” flag. The logging is deadband with a value of 1 and the logging timer is off. What is the meaning of “bad” in this situation? Is the value of the data unknown or is the time stamp wrong? Should the data point simply be ignored and if so why send it?


Using the data mailbox API to pull historical data. The logging is set to deadband with a value of 1 and the timer off. Sometimes I get this bad “quality” flag and am wondering the meaning of “bad” here. Was this data point not meant to be sent? Is it supposed to be a one? Should I simply ignore it and if so why is it even sent?



There could be an error with that tag. Do see any tags in error state on the Flexy?
Can you provide a backup with support files of the flexy? This can be done using ebuddy while connected to the unit.

There are no tags currently in an error state, backup file is attached. MOVED TO STAFF NOTE (1.6 MB)

Hello Gary,

The Bad quality tag means that there was an issue with getting that value. Most likely the case is that the Flexy failed to get a response for a few times, before getting the value. This information is highlighted in the document below:

kb-0039-00-en-tag-quality.pdf (183.3 KB)

A bad tag quality can happen from time to time. Is it affecting data acquisition.?

It is not affecting data acquisition, I am trying to use this data to keep track of downtime durations historically and didn’t want to simply ignore those values without understanding why they were considered bad.

Tag quality follows OPC regulations. If multiple attempts of the Tag are requested with no response, it will toggle it in Bad Quality.

If it starts affecting data acquisition, we will happily work with you to resolve the issue.

Sounds good, thanks Kevin.