Basic Ide Script disappearing

This is something weird, Experiencing first time.
I can see values for my memory tags.
Also the Tag value is changing and some Tags are associated to function.
But when I opened the Basic IDE script it was stopped and the script is empty.
still Tag value is generated.
How it happens can I know anything could be done.

I have attached Images to get to know.

Hi KaranB,

It’s hard to say what exactly happened just looking at these screenshots, but something that can cause problems is using code in the cyclic section, which executes the code every CPU cycle. Are you able to share your code? Additionally, something else we can look at is a backup with support files. This will include configuration details as well as logs. You can capture one using eBuddy by selecting the device, hitting backup/restore, and making sure to check “include support files” before clicking through the rest of the dialogues.


I am not able to see the script at all, even when I was connected through Ebuddy.

Also the Line was down I was there still it was pulling tags.

Its going very different It will be great if we could discuss over call and teamviewer.

Hi KaranB,

Looking at the logs included in this backup, I think you may have run into an issue due to the frequency of updates to DataMailbox. Was your script related to uploading data there? I see in the logs that there are data management exports every minute, which is already a little fast. I would recommend setting the upload interval to 5 or 10 minutes in the Data Management menu on your Flexy. However, sometimes the logs indicate uploads happening even more frequently than that - as much as several times per minute. I would recommend using a timer set to a reasonable interval to upload larger blocks of data less frequently.

TSET 1, 300
ONTIMER 1, "GOTO UploadData"

The above code would execute the code in the section UploadData every 5 minutes (300 seconds).

Okay Thanks I will look into it.

So I just wrote the similar script which got deleted, Rebooted the Flexy.
It working fine for now.

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Hello This happened with another Flexy.
On this I have not activated the Data Mailbox.
I am really not sure why its happening.
The script got deleted and for this one I am not able to get any values.
Attaching the backup file.MOVED TO STAFF NOTE (894 KB)

I have seen this issue on my Flexys as well, and I use a standard script for all of them. I think it is just a bug on the visualization on the webapp. If you go back to any other option on the menu, then open the BASIC IDE again, you should see it appear without a problem.

You need to be careful about your actions when the script doesn’t appear, because if you stop the code and then ‘run’ it again, it will delete the script and run an empty script. I’ve seen that happen.

I think HMS needs to work on the refreshing of their screens a little bit, since I’ve seen it happening also on the VALUE screen. After I define over 500 - 600 tags, they stop appearing on the screen, even though they are being collected properly.

In the meantime just be patient, jump to another screen then back to the IDE, and you should be fine. I hope this helped!



Sorry but this did not work out.
I am glad I had copied the script so I could paste as it is.

Do you need a back up of it.
of the current Flexy which I am facing issue.

Hi KaranB,

Yes, please share a backup of the current Flexy when you are able. I would also be interested in seeing your script.

Best regards,

Hello Please find my attached, Back up with support files.

Let me know about it.

Hi KaranB,

To clarify, does your script reappear after the device is restarted or after some time has passed? Or does it stay gone, and you have to recover it from elsewhere?

Is it possible that what romulo describes applies in this case? Where the script is not actually gone, just temporarily erased, but that empty script can be locked in by saving or running it?

The next time this happens, I’d like you to use FTP to connect to the Flexy and check for the file program.bas. If it’s as romulo describes, you should be able to download program.bas and see your script within it.

It’s hard to pin down what might be blanking out your script screen, but I still would recommend turning down the frequency of DataMailbox syncs. You get a lot of 503 errors which I believe may be due to syncing every minute. I would recommend changing the frequency to every 5 or 10 minutes.

Okay Frequency I have set is 600 Seconds, also I am not using Datamailbox feature on this Flexy.
But Once enyirely my script got deleted and non Memory Tags were working.
As per your first point it happens but since my Memory Tags function that tells the script is running and when I restart I can see my script.

But the deletion part I am worried for future.
It will be great if you look into it.