Basic IDE script

Hello my Basic IDE script gets stopped, by itself without forcefully stopping why does this happen.
How do I avoid it?

Hello Karan,

This can happen for many reasons. If there are any errors, they are shown in the Real time logs, and event logs.

If you attach a back up with support files. I can be able to further determine what is causing your script to stop.

Hello I have attached the back up file with support files.MOVED TO STAFF NOTE (843.5 KB)


Hello Karan,

The only issue i see is that the credentials for accessing the OPCUA server are incorrect. I see many login failed on the unit.

if the Credentials are incorrect how is able to log data from the PLC, the tag would be showing some error like not able to communicate?


I don’t see any errors regarding tags not communicating. I would review your scripting as well, as i see an error with one of your math equations.

BASIC 754 [ERROR] Math error (32) 68 : Percent_vialreject@ = Bad_fold_vial_reject@/Total_vial_mag@*100

Yes it occurs when the Script because its inbuild in a function and The tag change status as the function is called ONDATE at Production Shift changes, and when the script gets stopped the error pops in the log rest is works fine.
Do you want a screen shoot of my script, or set up a TeamViewer?

Hello Check this out Since Today dated 12/28/2021. The Script was running the whole time I did not get any Math error.

I would move your TSET and ONtimer to the top of the script.

You will need to look at your real time logs to verify the math error. The event logs are primarily the source the BASIC IDE. I don’t see the Script stopping, how do you know the script stops?

Do you have auto run selected in the BASIC IDE?

Sorry I have not explored that option yet

I have a View On scree build for it. Once Total amount of Units produced next day show me like 70k and The Memory Tags show Zero. Thats the Time I get to know the script is stopped it, generally it stops once in 10 days, but need to resolve it.

Hello Morning Can you check my Basic IDE Script, yes it is showing me Math error only that particular Tag.
I am adding my script in Images, it will be great if you can reach out to me.


What exactly do you need assistance with? We only offer limited support for scripting/programming.

Do you resolve the OPCUA credential issue?

If you have the device on Autorun, it should not stop unless specifically toggled too. If you have made the changes, i would give it time and monitor it for further issues.

Okay Kevin I have done the Changes will see, for some time and check.

Any update on this issue?


Hello Kevin we are yet to setup the Line and equipment will let you know, once I start communicating.
Since all my equipments are in range of 192.168.0.x and subnet is

But we might have to change one equipment subnet. I am not sure if the equipment are in different subnet, will it be able to communicate or not.

Hello Thanks Kevin for follow up its working well.

Hello Karan,

Excellent. I am glad it is functioning as it should.