Basic questions about ABCC B40 Ethernet POWERLINK


Since my knowledge about this protocol is very limited, I am struggling to make this module to work with the B&R controller (X20 CP 0484) I have here in my workbench.

First question is related to node address and IP. During setup, I send to the module both information, IP addresses ( for instance) and node ID (5 for example), similar to what I do for all other supported protocols. This works fine for all modules but with Powerlink I’m not sure. The module comes up with the last byte of the IP address set to the node ID I sent during boot up, hence I guess this is what the documentation calls NMT_CS_BASIC_ETHERNET. Looks ok. But then there is the NMT_CS_EPL_MODE state. Is the controller responsible for switching to this mode? If so, is the IP addresses going to change to the range
Important to highlight that I am not using any kind of switch (DIP1 and DIP2). All settings are done via software. So to set the node ID I am calling APPL_SetAddress(), the same way I do for Profibus DP-V1.

Second, how is the number of words, set during Anybus setup stage, influence the initialization. Powerlink (and CANopen) have a different way to set cyclic data. How the PDOs relate to the these words?

Third. Does the standard XDD file which I’ve downloaded from the website allow me to put this module into operation right way? I mean, do I need to do something else?

Sorry if these are dumb questions. I have read the Powerlink network guide but didn’t figure out the answers.

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Hi There,

After having spent a couple of days studying a bit more this protocol, I am able to answer myself. So, for the record, here it is.

1st question: Understood the idea behind these two modes. With Wireshark I could see both ARP telegrams, each one with an IP belonging to a different subnet, *.0.x and *.100.x. It’s clear now.

2nd question: Managed to establish connection with the controller and exchanged cyclic data. This is not 100% yet because, apparently, the controller send a reset signal to the brick, which is not handling it correctly. Then, controller stays on Service mode. I’m working on this issue.

3rd: Comparing the given .xdd file to others found on Internet I understood how to personalize mine. This is sorted now.

Thanks for your time,