Blue screen on windows 11 after due to corrupted vcidrv.sys file

Dear all,
After installation of the IXXAT interface, I got blue screen on Windows 11 due to wrong digital signature of vcisrv.sys file.
Any way to solve this issue ?

Which IXXAT interface do you have? What is the firmware version?

Which version of the VCI driver do you have?

As my computer is blocked at boot due to wrong VCIDRV.sys, I am not able to say you the version of it. It is quite incredible that you release a product that is able to completely crash a computer…
So please let me know how I can solve this very difficult issue.
I am working with Windows 11.
Best regards

Please send a picture of the device label.

You can check the VCI version in Windows Programs and Features without having the USB-to-CAN device connected to the PC.