Bluetooth Connection Failure - 1.11.20


Last week we installed (2) Anybus Wireless Bridges (PT # AWB3000) on two of our material handling robots as a way to communicate without the need of ethernet cables. This setup is supported by (1) Anybus Wireless Bolt (PT # AWB2030-B) master in our PLC cabinet. We are utilizing the Bluetooth connectivity between the slaves and master. Picture Below.

[/uploads/default/original/2X/9/9def22d5ab9c857cfc9be5404b029a0593dee378.png] bolt

[cid:image007.png@01D5C8CE.5E0A7720][cid:image007.png@01D5C8CE.5E0A7720] bridge bridge

Robot1 Robot 2

We had an issue this evening regarding communications shutting down suddenly with both wireless bridges with the master searching to reconnect. Both wireless modules had power with no sign of loss but the Bluetooth signal was gone completely and was not generating a signal. By cycling power on the bolt we were able to get the modules back to connect.

We are wondering why this issue occurred in the first place. Any info you might have would be beneficial in our understanding.

Thank you,

Kyle Smith

Hi Kyle,

We’re not aware of any known issues with Bluetooth, but if you see this issue occur again we may ask you to try and take a capture of the device to see if there’s something going wrong with it.

Hi Tim,

If this issue occurs again we will take a backup of the master and submit it for processing on this email thread.

Since there is no “capture” button on the web browser interface we assume you meant to take a backup. Please advise if this is not correct and the appropriate actions to take for a “capture”.

Thank you,

Kyle Smith

Hi Kyle,

To take a look at the logs we’ll ask that you take the log through something such as syslog. Here’s what my colleague had mentioned to me earlier:

"Syslog is a standard for sending event messages to a logging server or dedicated log application, we have support for it in the Bolt. You can have them set it up to send event messages either to an existing Syslog server on their network or to a Syslog application running on a PC, like “Syslog Watcher” which is free to use for 30 days. But you can find lots of them online.


After that you can use the command AT*AMDUMP? in the AT commands to retrieve the debug info

Hi Tim,

I’ve spoken with our IT department on this matter and we are good to attach at least one master to our syslog server for testing and monitoring purposes. I’ve been reading through the AT command prompts and Im confused as to what information needs to be included in the AT command.

Could you please send me an example as if we are looking to utilize only protocol 2 (send events over syslog)?

Also, if the AT command is successful will it reboot the system causing our machines to stop? or will everything function normally without a required restart?

Please advise.

Thank you,

Kyle Smith

Hi Kyle,

Are you still having your bluetooth connection failure?

Here’s an example of the AMESS though:

ATS1013=0x0001000B (This command defines what´s included in the event messages, setting bits 0,1 and 3 in this case will provide connection status, Client RSSI and roaming status.)

AT*AMESS=,,514,4,1 (This command defines Syslog server IP address, UDP port etc. In my test setup, I have the Syslog Watcher reachable on IP address and the default port 514)

We are currently in the process of monitoring our Bluetooth masters in case of another failure type event.

When this AT is entered into the masters will it require a reboot to the system? Or will the device function normally without a required reboot?

-Kyle S

Sorry about that, I believe this requires a reboot before it will take effect.


We will make an attempt tomorrow during shift change. We will be in touch on this email thread if issues arise.

Thank you,

Kyle S