Bolt CAN communications

Hello all,

I have an AGV that has a lithium battery installed that has Can-bus for talking with the charger. The problem i have is we dont unplug the battery to charge it. The AGV drives over a plate in the floor and lowers contacts to charge but we have no Can across this plate as it was built before the Can capable chargers came out.

We want to use two bolts to wirelessly transmit the Can data from the battery to the charger.

I have the bolts set up and are communicating over WLAN but for the life of me i cant get them to see the can messages coming from the battery. I did confirm they are being sent by hardwiring the battery Can to the charger for testing and it works.

I am new to setting up Can protocol but can troublshoot components and wiring.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated

Hi Paul,

This should work if the CAN settings are correct and you set up the Bolts using Easy Config (see page 38 of the User Manual).

Have you created a support case at

If the CAN settings are correct, it could be a wiring issue. Do you have terminating resistors wired to both ends of the bus (the Bolt and AGV, for example)?