Bolt not consistently responding to pings


I don’t have a direct number, but 541-343-7701 will get you to the front desk and they can send you my way.


Hi Support team,

Kevin Larsen at NCelec is their technical point of contact. They bought a bolt and have had issues getting it working.

I have Kevin’s contact information here. Can you help him troubleshoot the issue?

Kevin Larsen



We figured out that this one is bricked and we are doing an RMA on it. Support said they would like someone here when we fire up the next one. I hear that you are going to be in Portland soon, could you swing down to Eugene?



This is the second RMA Kevin is doing now in the past month. Do we know what may be causing this issue?

I will be in Portland early next month and can visit them. Please help support letting Kevin know how to send the unit back and please help cover shipping cost/etc. They are slightly frustrated and want to get this going.

The opportunity is large if they can get this working for their OEM.