Bolt Reset Itself?

Hello there,

My name is Grayson Lynch and I’m an engineer and system integrator here at Blue Bell Creameries. We are testing out a Bolt out on an HMI in production but for some unknown reason (after many weeks of working fine in prodcution) the Bolt reset the network settings by itself. Is this a normal or at least has-happened-before kind of thing? Or, is this a one time instance pointing more towards someone may have tampered with the Bolt?

Hi Grayson,

It should only be able to be reset to factory settings if you hold down this button or make changes on the webpage

Hey Tim, it has been about a month and the same bolt did the same thing again. It may be faulty, we are currently using bolts on three other lines in our production but they do not have this issue. I’ve replaced the possibly-faulty bolt with a working one to see if that solves the problem and I have the possibly-faulty one on my desk here. If HMS wants to get ahold of it to test it and figure out what may be wrong with this specific bolt you can contact me at my work email

Hi @grayson.lynch,

Do you mean the device was working fine for the last month and just ran into this issue now? Or do you mean that it’s been having this issue a few times over the last month?

Can you take this device and swap it with one of the other working ones to check if it’s an issue with this particular device or something that might be happening at this location.


I just want to make sure that you don’t end up getting another new device and run into the same issue

This is only the second time the device has done this, once when I first made the post and now again when I replied to you.

I have already swapped it with a working one to see if it happens again.

Ok thanks, if it happens again I’ll escalate this issue with some colleagues and see what information we can find out

I’ve seen this happen before as well. I’ve got a few dozen Bolts installed on underground mining trucks. Every so often I’ve seen one get reset. And I doubt that anyone is holding the reset button. Believe they were on the 1.9 firmware. Upgrading the bolt firmwares on mobile machinery is a pain too so if they issue’s source could be confirmed that would be very much appreciated.

As far as I know we haven’t been able to replicate this issue, but I’ll escalate this and see if we can find anymore information. Is it usually the same bolt that gets reset or does it seem to be random bolts each time?

I’ve only seen it a couple times so I couldn’t say for sure. Seemed to be random bolts.

Could you get me the serial number for those bolts?