Boolen KPI displayed in M2Web



I’m sorry if its a dumb question but I’m brand new in the Flexy world. My question is about diplaying Boolean values as KPI. When I open my M2web portal, boolean tag values are at first displayed as False or True but after 5 seconds, values refresh and are displayed as 0 or 1. Is there a way of selecting the “unit” of the Boolean kpi?

Thank you!


i have a similar problem, and i solved it using a mem tag with the basic ide script:
when my boolean value go to 0 i set in the script the mem string tag value at “False” and when the boolean go to 1 i set the mem string value at “True”;
then i use the mem string tag as a KPI for m2web;
in this way you can assing other values aththe string for example “0=Closed” and “1=open” or “0=Stopped” and 1=Run"