Break file send FTP from flexy 205

Dear Friends,

I doing project for customer will realtime monitoring data using 4g module sim.
In the normal case(connection from flexy to sever is ok ) we use mqtt protocol to send data from flexy to sever (mqtt broker)
With lost connection case and reconnect we will send file in historical memory flexy via FTP protocol.
But the problem is when the lost connection is long > 8 hours . the file sent to FTP sever is heavy .How to break time to send may be 4 hours for 1 file ? we have capture start_time lost connect and end time_lost connect .Just use this to sent in the present case
Thanks for your help


There is no options to automatically split up a historic data file depending on the size. Depending on how you are detecting the connection loss and triggering the FTP transfer I can think of two options to break up the file. You could use multiple EBD’s with different time frames set and transfer multiple files or while the disconnect is detected you could create multiple log files in the user directory after X amount of time then once you detect it is online you could transfer the files.