Busload become 100% immediately after transmitting a message

I connected my USB-to-CAN V2 to my CAN bus with only one STM32 eval board.
120 ohm termination exists in both end.
STM32 board is connected via a SN65HVD230 transceiver and is set to 1MBps or 1000kbps.
The board is transmitting a message for every 500ms.

I am running canAnalyser 3 Mini on windows 11 laptop.

The program detected my USB-CAN and set to 1Mbps.
When I press “start” button, it does not show anything.
If I press F5 or transmit single message, it immediately show error messages and the busload become 100%.

With my debug on the STM32 board, I can see it was able to see the message however it seems like the USB-CAN tries to keep sending the same message.

What is wrong with setup? Is there anything I can fix?

It turned out the can transceiver chip was fake.