C# Windows Forms Application USB to CAN


I am trying to develop a windows forms application which can show the data available on the CAN bus based on the selection of node ID.
For Eg: I have many number of nodes and on selection of a particular node, it should display the data corresponding to the particular node.
Is there a .net API using which I can get the Node ID information from the data?

I have seen the sample console application, but it displays only the timestamp, dlc and the data. I would need the Node Id too.

Could you please help me on this?

Adding to the previous query.

The node ID is the one as shown in the above image. Here since only 1 sensor is connected it shows a single node ID. But at a time we will have a number of sensors connected and the Node Ids will also be different.
i need to capture the node ids actually.

Any update?


What HMS Networks device are you using?

The software above does not look like one of our products.

I would suggest going to our Ticketing site at mysupport.hms.se.

We do not have any specific examples because we don’t know what software you are using.


I am using a tool named CANrunner.
I have run the .NET sample console application from the installation directory of VCI and i was able to see the data coming from the sensors.IS there a way to get the node ids just as the CAN Id that is displyaed on the console?

What protocol are you using? CANopen? J1939?

There is no specification for Node ID in the generic CAN spec. CAN uses Message IDs, and since all nodes can see all messages, there typically is not a Node ID.


I am using CANopen, so we can only get the CANId?

CANopen does support the use node IDs (1-127), so you would need to use a CANopen library.

Questions about this would be best directed to the IXXAT team in Germany, so you should create a case by going to https://mysupport.hms.se and it will be routed to the appropriate team.