Call server side script

Is it possible to use the BASIC IDE script on an eWON to call an external server-side script? We have dozens of eWONs running the same BASIC IDE code on each. Any tweak to that code requires accessing each device to upload the new code.

Looking for a way to have script reside centrally on a accessible server and have the eWONs call that script.

There flexy doesn’t have any dedicated functionality for this but you can use FTP to replace .bas files on the ewons.
This might be something our Solution Center could help you with. Can you provide a bit more details on what you are doing?


We have several dozen ewons each running the same BASIC IDE code which pushes data out to a cloud based time series database. If the code is tweaked for a big fix or to optimize the routine, the new code has to be modified on each eWON, which requires accessing each one individually. If the code could reside externally and be called from the eWON, then changing the code would be much easier.

As you suggested, perhaps the eWON code could check if a remotely stored bas file has been updated and, if so, download file and execute the file.

I think an FTP connection would need to me made to the ewon how ever that replaced the .bas.