Can I achieve redundancy when using an eFive?

If my eFive becomes unavailable is there a way for my devices to connect through another vpn?

Another eFive:
One way to achieve redundancy would be to purchase an additional eFive and set it up like the previous eFive.

Once the secondary eFive is setup, you’ll need to put the ovpn file for this second eFive in each of your flexy’s directory.

Next, you can use scripting in each of these flexies to look for drops in the eFive VPN connection. If there is a drop with the VPN connection on the original eFive, you can swap OVPN files in the eWON Flexy using scripting which would cause the eWON to change eFive VPN servers.

Using Public IPs:
If you do not want to purchase a secondary eFive then there are other options if all your Flexy’s use public IPs for their WAN connection. This is not recommended typically as it opens your device up to the internet.

However, if you did have public IPs then you can use GET/POST, Modbus publishing or FTP requests to exchange tag data with other eWONs or even a Scada system. This would allow data to be transferred and for you reach your eWON device but it will not a create VPN tunnel which means you will not have remote access to the LAN of the eWON using these methods.

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