Can I reset my cosy without the reset button?

Is there away that I can factory clear my cosy without using the reset button. The set button is a waste of time.

Has used that reset button. The cosy reboot but still the red USR light keeps on flashing rendering this expensive modem useless. And its a brand new freaken modem.

What is there I can do as I need this thing urgently.

Not a good modem. Reset it three times due that it refused to take my new passwords neither take the default passwords. Now USR LED flashes permanently. Can do what I like it refuses to bood. I do not even have a lan cable plugged into it. To top it all its a brand spanking new unit that is super expensive. The Flexi is a much better modem.

Will avoid buying a cosy as much as I can due that it have left me with a red face on site.

Hi @dirkie,

Sorry for the delay on this, I’m not sure how we missed these posts earlier but if the USR LED keeps flashing red then you’ll need to try and perform a recovery on the device.