CAN issue with AB7318-B


I have an AB7318-B which has stopped communicating through the CAN bus.
It is connected to a Proface PLC via Ethernet, and it sends commands via CAN to an external CAN device.
Now the CAN communication has simply stopped, and I can’t get it back to work. Using the Anybus Configuration Manager, I can see no error code in the Diagnostics window, just a Bus Off message in CAN status field.
I know the external device is OK. I know the wiring is OK. I know the configuration is OK, as I have other machines with the same configuration working. If I install the defective adapter in a clone machine, the problems follows the adapter. CAN Listener utility returns absolutely no communication.
I even loaded the latest firmware, and the problem persists.

What else can I do?


It could be that the unit has gone bad.

I would open a ticket in our Support Portal, so we can further test the unit.