CAN@net ASCII Gateway UDP Protocol


I have a CAN@net NT 200, and the Users Manual (version 1.9) describes support for using UDP as the Transport Protocol in ASCII Gateway mode (section 9 of the users manual). However, I can’t find the Transport Protocol option in the CAN Gateway Configurator to select “UDP” as mentioned in section 5.1.2 of the Gateway Configurator manual. I have version of the Configurator.

Could someone point me towards the correct way to put the CAN@net NT into UDP mode?

  • Taj

Hi @tajm,

I confirmed this myself and have escalated the question to the IXXAT team. I should have an answer for you in the morning.


Here is the response I got on this from the IXXAT team:

"You are right,
the UDP in the ASCII Mode is supported only
with the new CAN-GW-Configuration tool and with new firmware version
(FW V6.2.0 & Configtool V6.1.0.2371) that are not officially released yet.

I informed the responsible product manager."

I will try to find out when that is going to be released and if maybe I can get a pre-release version for you to try.

Going to close this as you should now have the Beta I sent. Official release should be end of Sept.